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Sialkot caters to around 70% of the total world demand of hand-stitched inflatable balls which translates into around 40 million balls annually worth $ 210 million. These balls are produced by a workforce of nearly 60,000 and exported to world markets by 1,000 plus entrepreneurs, the majority of which fall under SME definition. Pakistani footballs had been the preferred choice for Adidas in the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Sialkot gained international celebrity status when it produced the Tango Ball used in FIFA Football World Cup in 1982. This led to the further growth of the soccer ball industry in the city.  Setting up the Sports Industries Development Center (SIDC) is the core initiative in the policy of infusing mechanized inflatable ball technology in the domestic industry.  Experts mentioned that SIDC has been organized with a total cost of Rs436 million offered by the federal government while SMEDA is the executing agency. The installed capacity on a single shift basis is 1,000,000 balls per year on a single shift basis.


Sialkot is Pakistan’s 13th largest city by population. It is located in north-east Punjab one of Pakistan’s most industrialized regions. Along with the nearby cities of Gujranwala and Gujrat, Sialkot forms part of the so-called Golden Triangle of industrial cities with export-oriented economies. Sialkot is now one of Pakistan’s most important industrial centers.

It is wealthy relative to other cities in South Asia, with an estimated 2014 per capita income of $2800 (nominal). The city has been noted by The Economist for its entrepreneurial spirit, and productive business climate that have made Sialkot an example of a small Pakistani city that has emerged as a “world-class manufacturing hub.” The relatively small city exported approximately $2 billion worth of goods in 2015, or about 10% of Pakistan’s total exports. Sialkot is known to be the 12th populous city of Pakistan.

Famous all over the world for producing top of the line surgical products and sports goods, Sialkot has successfully been bringing in tourists as well as contributing to the country’s overall GDP. Sialkot is the capital of the country’s sports industry. About 98 percent of products manufactured in small and medium industries of the city are exported to various countries. These industries, particularly the sports industry, have been an important source of foreign exchange earnings for the country. More than 400,000 people are engaged directly or indirectly with export activities in Sialkot, which earns around $1 billion from exports annually. The sports and goods sector is the main export sector of the city with total exports of $450 million per annum.


Sialkot was a city in the time period of Alexander the Great and it was raised by Alexander. Later on, it was the capital of the kingdom of Menander and the city became an essential center of Buddhism. It became one of the most important cities for trade and commerce at that time period. As time passed on, the city had gained more importance, finally when the British became rulers of the subcontinent; the city had got more opportunities for developing the economy. It became popular as the trade flourished over here and it is now one of the most popular industrialized cities of Pakistan. It produces about 10% of the total goods which are exported by the Pakistani authorities.  Sialkot is famous for the production of sports goods. There is a different kind of industries producing such category of the equipment. Some of the products which are used domestically however major of the items are exported to the other countries.


Sialkot features a humid subtropical climate under the Köppen climate classification, with four seasons. Temperatures in winter may drop to 0 °C or 32 °F, but maxima are very rarely less than 15 °C or 59 °F. In the monsoon season, the days from mid-September till mid-November, the days remain hotter while the nights are cooler and it does not have very much humidity in the night however in the winter season from mid- November to mid- March,  days are warm and there are also chances of rainfall being occurred. When the weather is extreme then life becomes miserable for the people who are living.


Sialkot is a city rich in culture. People of Sialkot belong to different backgrounds. People of different castes live in Sialkot. They belong to different castes like Jat, Aryan, Kashmir, Mughal, Gujjars, and others. The culture of Sialkot represents Punjabi culture and its impact can be seen in different areas of life in Sialkot. The wedding functions include Mehandi, Barat, and Walima. These functions resemble the wedding functions of other cities of Punjab. Mehandi are performed before the Barat in which girls wears colorful dresses and sings mehndi songs. After Walima, a rasam is performed in which Dulhan visits her home for the first time after the marriage, this rasam is called baklawa. All these functions represent the traditions of Sialkot.

Famous places of Sialkot

Shrine of Imam Ali-ul-Haq 

There is a shrine of Imam Ali-ul-Haq. Tourists come here to visit the Shrine of Imam Ali-ul-Haq.

Sialkot Fort

In Sialkot, there are also remains of Sialkot fort which is very famous in Sialkot. The tomb of Pir Muradia Shah is also in the Sialkot fort.

Sialkot Museum

Birthplace of Allama Iqbal has been converted into a museum, which contains his personal belongings and a library which comprises different types of books. It is the city in which the Poet of the East called Allama Iqbal was born. He is famous for his poetry. Many works of his poetry written have been published. He gave the idea of the Two-Nation Theory in his different speeches. He was the first one to have a concept of Pakistan. He is the national poet of Pakistan. National and international tourists are often attracted to Sialkot. They want to visit the house where Allama Iqbal was born.

The Clock Tower

The Sialkot Clock Tower is located in the Saddar Bazaar. It consists of a giant tower in which different clocks are situated.  Different lights are placed on the tower. At the time of the night, the lights look very bright and the tower looks extremely gorgeous. Due to its location in the cantonment area, it is situated in the main area and traffic seems to be going around the Clock Tower here and there.

Soccer Balls Production City

Sialkot is the headquarters for the production of soccer balls. 70% of the soccer balls used internationally are produced in Sialkot.  After these balls are being produced, they are used in the FIFA World Cup like that of 2014. Sialkot is famous for producing the world’s 70% of the soccer balls amounting to 40 to 60 billion balls annually. With the balls being hand-sewn, the industry is at large.

Marala Headworks

It is situated on the River Chenab.  Marala Headworks is an engineering project that is used for controlling water and flood situation in the River Chenab.  It has open water scenes and a bridge where one can take a stroll.

Jinnah Stadium

Cricket is one of the best sports played in Pakistan. It is played on the local and international levels. Sialkot’s Jinnah Stadium is famous for hosting many international matches and the people used to go there.

Surgical Industry

Sialkot is famous for producing a number of goods and surgical instruments.  They are used in Pakistan and it is used in all the industries over Pakistan. These types of equipment which are being made in Sialkot are exported to different countries. Along with the top-class soccer balls, Sialkot is also famous for producing top-class surgical instruments that are distributed all over Pakistan as well as exported on an international scale.


Different Punjabi dishes are famous in Sialkot.  Some of the famous Sialkot dishes are Tandori Chicken, Bhuna Ghost, Nihari, Chicken and Beef Biryani, Keema Naan, Sarson ka saag, etc. Famous sweet dishes include Phirni, Jalebi, and Sheer Khorma, etc.


In Sialkot on a wider scale, Punjabi is spoken. It is spoken by 95% of people. Other languages like Urdu, English, and Pashto are also spoken in Sialkot.


Traditional dresses of Sialkot are dhoti, kurta, and Khussa but now shalwar kameez, trousers, and shirts are also worn by the citizen of Sialkot.


Punjabi music is dominant in Sialkot. Bhangra is the most listened form of music but now the trend of mixing Punjabi music to produce a new variety of music is gaining popularity.

Folk dance

Punjabi form of dances is famous is Sialkot. They are performed at different events like weddings, festivals, etc. Different Punjabi dances like Bhangra, Jhumar, and Gidha are performed in different events of Sialkot.


Different sports like are being played in the city. Cricket is the most played sport. Sialkot’s cricket team is known as Sialkot Stallions and they have participated in numerous cricket tournaments. Annually a golf tournament is also held at the Sialkot Golf club.


Sialkot is globally called a producer of good quality products in sports, surgical instruments, leather garments, gloves & accessories, sportswear, and musical instruments. Statistics revealed that around 400,000 plus people are engaged directly or indirectly with export activities. Annual export earnings of the city are almost US $1 billion. Some of the world-renowned brands Adidas, Nike, and Puma source a large portion of their supplies of sports goods from Sialkot.

Sialkot is known for the manufacturing and export of many items such as surgical instruments, musical instruments, sports goods, leather goods, textile goods, etc. Sialkot is the second-largest source of foreign exchange earnings for Pakistan. Three industries dominate Sialkot. These industries provide employment opportunities for the people of Sialkot.

Surgical goods

Sialkot produces different types of surgical instruments to export. It plays an important role in Pakistan’s economy.

Sports goods

Sialkot’s hand stitch footballs are famous worldwide for their excellent quality. Its best quality handmade footballs are very famous and even been used in international football leagues like the Fifa world cup.

Leather goods

Sialkot’s produce excellent quality leather jackets, handbags, etc. they produce very good income through their quality leather goods famous all around the world.

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